Structural Dynamics Analysis

structural Acquisition

Structural Acquisition with NVGate (FFT)

With its dedicated structural mode, the FFT plug-in offers a comprehensive tool panel for FRF acquisition. Whatever the method used, impact testing with hammer or shaker excitation, FRFs are con´Čüdently acquired.

Check the validity of the acquisition thanks to different displays and their preview:

Modal Analysis and ODS (Operating Deflection Shapes)

Modal analysis is a powerful technique for understanding structures behavior to validate simulation results, mechanical designs and maintenance. Discover Modal, an application oriented software associating the latest algorithms with a user friendly interface and automatic procedures. Modal is highly integrated with the OROS Analyzers range, rough, rugged and portable, designed for the field. All the OROS expertise and innovation is directed to bring the best in noise and vibration analysis.


Advanced Swept Sine

Advanced Swept Sine is a measuring instrument that allows to determine Transfer Function or Frequency Response Function that are commonly used in various industries for Servo control, Structure, Acoustics, Electronics or Accelerometers calibration.